Cora turns One!

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One of the best things about my job is getting to actually document a family's journey as it grows and changes throughout the years.  Stephanie was a student of mine at SEBTS several years ago and I first photographed them when they brought their first daughter, Ryah, home from Ethiopia.  They began the process of adoption well before we did, but we had already brought our little guy home before they were able to have Ryah in their arms.  Documenting them with her was such a beautiful blessing.  When they contacted me after they found out they were pregnant with this little nugget, I was over joyed to photograph both Stephanie in a maternity session, and then the family again with Cora as a newborn.  

And now, Cora turned ONE!!  It went by so fast!!  To my sweet little girlfriend, Cora - may you grow up to be strong, beautiful, ever trusting in the Lord, and full of faith with a heart full of love for others.  Enjoy <3 

And just for the fun of's Cora Last year:

...and in mommy's tummy:

...and before that was Ryah <3  Love you Coalsons!! 

Heather || Bridals

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Last fall, just a few short weeks before Heather and Brian's wedding, Heather and her mom, step mom, and I all gathered together to photograph Heather's bridal portraits.  It was a perfect day outside and the light was simply stunning.  We met at Triple R Ranch (which is beautiful by the way) and after some team bonding trying to get Heather's dress laced up ;), we took her outside and began shooting.  

Heather, you're absolutely beautiful!  Grateful you've become my friend through all of this and I have come to believe what Brian told me months ago is true: "You'll never meet a more pure-hearted person than Heather."  I agree.      


Heather and Brian || Married Part II

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Part II - The Reception

Heather and Brian || Married Part I

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Friends...I cannot hardly tell you how much I just love these two people - 

I've known Brian since I was a kid, literally ...and I fell in love with Heather the first time I met her. It's such an honor to be a part of a milestone like marriage.  I'd already had the privilege of photographing them with their sweet little one Lincoln (who's just perfect btw)...and then to be able to document their wedding day was truly a joy for me.  I cannot wait to see where this marvelous life takes you both! 

I'm so excited to present their wedding day, Part I:


Susie and Shanup || Reception

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Typically, when I do a sneak peak, I only post a handful of images from an event or session...


I have been DYING to dig into the images from this reception I photographed a few weekends ago.  Once I started working through them, I couldn't stop.  There's still a bit more to go, but for now, here's a large preview of Susie and Shanup's reception.  

Oh...and FYI:  Susie and Shanup, you guys are the best! Way to rock out a wedding reception in the midst of an ice storm ;) 


​Special thanks to the following folks for working so hard to make this an outstanding event:  

Harin Parikh Cha from Embassy Suites of Fayetteville, NC - Venue

Tailors Point - Grooms Tux

RoopG Entertainment - DJ

Ultra Mix Events - Lighting

Fresh Affairs - Lyn Graves - Flowers

Moksha Kitchen - Catering

Cakes by Jimgerbread - James Perry

Photography by Carrie Gilliam